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January 27, 2013
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MM: Rhyme Baunche by darumarchen MM: Rhyme Baunche by darumarchen
trying to apply for :iconmorphos-metaphor: >w<)9 Wish me luck;;

EDIT 2013-04-28: Trying to reapply again. But I won't be able to have my tablet until next week to draw a new image :-/ My tablet was confiscated so I could focus on finals... orz
EDIT 2013-05-22: QuQ I got in... and I changed the art.....

Full Name: Raiki "Rhyme" Ryan Baunche

Age: 16
Height: 5'2" (160cm)
Weight: 110lbs (50kg)
Gender: Male
Nationality: Japanese-Irish

Year Level: Year 1 (transfer student)
His compulsive lying greatly confused teachers when he was younger, causing him to be held back.

Weapon: modified Px Panda Boo
Growing up, Rhyme was a sheltered child due to his sister's over-protectiveness. As a result, he never had the desire to 'prove himself as a man' or anything along those lines. This led to him being an easy prey for strangers that were over-familiar with the poor boy to the point that he was nearly kidnapped once (Rhyme's innocent friendliness didn't help matters either) when he was younger. In order to provide Rhyme some protection (and possibly help him bulk up a bit), his sister modified one of his favorite plush toys--taking some of the stuffing out of the bear and replaced it with sand. Overall, it weighs 10lbs. When held upright, the weight is semi-distributed between the head and body (the arms, legs, and ears have normal stuffing). However, when held upsidedown, the weight goes to its head.
Px: A small brand name that produces creepily cute products (think Gloomy Bear). The idea behind their products is that creatures are stubborn to the point of causing themselves great harm.

Arcana: High Priestess
The High Priestess tarot stands for nonaction, unconscious awareness, potential, and mystery. Rhyme’s words and features challenges a person to figure out beyond the surface—beyond the words—to find meaning. Always willing to help despite being a passive, Rhyme sees that each person has the potential of being a friend.
Arcana Rank: Rank 1
Suit: Pentacles

Persona: Sarasvati
Sarasvati is the goddess of knowledge, music, and arts. Rhyme currently doesn't have the full capability to control Sarasvati's full power (because he's Rank 1), his Sarasvati ended up being in a more childish (and low-leveled) form. As Rhyme grows stronger, Sarasvati will also grow closer to its full power. The idea of this came from when gods and goddesses visit humans, they take on a friendlier form. This is, in a way, to express how much Rhyme can grow. (Like Kero from Card Captor Sakura)

    ≫ sweets
    ≫ cute things (hair accessories, toys, fluffy animals, etc)
    ≫ bunnies
    ≫ his older twin sister, Leia
    ≫ different languages
    ≫ karaoke
    ≫ purikura
    ≫ talking (even if people don't understand him)
    ≫ rain and umbrellas
    ≫ being with others
    ≫ his barrette (gift from Irish grandmother)
    ≫ Math
    ≫ carnivals/festivals
    ≫ dancing
    ≫ carrying heavy things (unless it's cute)
    ≫ bitter and spicy foods
    ≫ taking medicine
    ≫ loud noises
    ≫ being confused or lost
    ≫ long lectures (and will fall asleep)
    ≫ people fighting between each other
    ≫ being cold
    ≫ getting wet
    ≫ winning be default/being allowed to win
    ≫ Science (mainly Biology & Chemistry--he's fine w/ Physics since it's application of math)
    ≫ hot days
    Open: He's always open with his expressions and whatever is on his mind..
    Determined: Despite his speech impediment, he always tries his best to get his point across and will keep trying until he's understood.
    Feminine: Being inseparable from his twin sister when they were younger, Rhyme somehow managed to keep a feminine appearance growing up--even though they aren't as close any more. This causes some confusion about whether or not Rhyme is an actual guy due to his interests and appearance. (Leia didn't bother to make him change, since she found it cute)
    Curious: He's willing to try anything new, no matter what it is. If he's done it before and didn't like it he'll never do it again.
    Stubborn: Rhyme is really stubborn at trying to make his point come across. However, if he ends up feeling sore about something, he'll throw a small tantrum--this varies from pouting or acting passive-aggressive.
    Hardworking: He always tries his best when it comes to doing things and will work earnestly on whatever goal he has in mind.
    Gentle: He has a really kind nature and is very accepting of others. He doesn't want to hurt anyone and cares for everyone.
    Sincere: He's very sincere in what he says--even if it comes out weirdly. This is one of his charming points, where he tries to make sure that his actions speak louder than his words
    Airhead: Rhyme doesn't have a really good attention span--especially when it comes to long classes. So, every now and then something just slips his mind when something else catches his attention.
    ≫ He's honest and says things upfront (or at least tries to)
    ≫ Cheerful and optimistic, always trying to think of the brighter things in life and rooting for his friends
    ≫ He always tries his best in what he does. Even if he fails, he'll try get back up until he no longer can.
    ≫ His small build makes him rather quick on his feet (his hobby is dancing)
    ≫ He's very friendly (if not overly-friendly) and is willing to confront anyone--or drag others into some fun
    ≫ He may not look it, but he's really innovative as resourceful, trying to come up with new things to help people
    ≫ Strong sense of justice that he tries to keep peace and won't give up on others
    ≫ His speech impediment can cause some problems with understanding
    ≫ The tendency to be a quite chatterbox, unable to read into the situation of things and may unintentionally ruin a moment or hurt someone's feelings
    ≫ Too kind-hearted. He really doesn't want to hurt anyone or anything
    ≫ He's not all that self-reliant and is a bit dependent on others. Overall, he's a very passive person to the point that it would be considered dangerous for him to be left alone in unfamiliar places.
    ≫ Easily confused and distracted--especially if there's too much going on that he may go into an over-worried panic-mode
    ≫ Stubbornly naive. His innocence can be somewhat shocking since he's lived a sheltered life due to his sister trying to protect his "purity."
    ≫ He's a crybaby and feels really bad if he did anything wrong (especially if it affects his friends)
    Being the youngest, Rhyme was greatly doted on—especially by Leia, his over-protective twin sister. However, she couldn’t protect him from the onset of divorce due to their mother’s gambling. Not wanting to hurt his parents’ feelings, he became a compulsive liar to the point that communication became difficult. So, his parents worked hard to fix their dilemma. However, his lying caused many problems with teachers, causing him to be held back a year. After periodic psychologist visits, he overcame his compulsive lying and aims to live honestly and openly to make up for the past.

    Rhyme got along well with others, enjoying the company of a variety of friends—no matter the activity. He never turned anyone down or shunned them, always seeking new friends and new experiences. However, these fun antics came to an end when his father had a job transfer, bringing the family to Kirimori City.

    Due to his father’s job transfer, his friends were left behind and he was enrolled into Higashimori High with his sister. He’s uncertain if he should call the new city home, since he’s heard of a strange ailment haunting it…

  • Due to Rhyme's compulsive-lying, Leia ended up being Rhyme’s "translator" since she understood him best as well as knowing the intentions behind his words. From this, Leia gained the title "liaison"—giving her the nickname Reason from a mispronunciation of her friends (リエゾン→リーゾン). Wanting to have matching nicknames, Leia gave Rhyme his current nickname, which stuck up to now. This is based off of Leia's taste in American music at the time ( ---sorry for Leia's odd taste). So, at their middle school, they were known as the twins of Rhyme and Reason.
  • When Rhyme's familiar and comfortable with a person, he ends up slurring his words when he's talking to him/her. This bad habit appeared after he broke out of his compulsive lying.
  • Likes being patted on the head
  • He's tone-deaf--can't sing or play instrument for squat
  • Knows how to knit and sew, since he's helped his sister with her extra-curricular activities instead of finding one on his own
  • Can't cook anything except rice. When he's left alone, he'd eat said rice with random condiments to see how it tastes
  • He's an amazing dancer and likes to do dance covers on the side (similarly like this dude: -- admittingly, Rhyme likes K-pop dances because of the movements)
  • He's rather feminine because of his sister's influence (and that he's a sucker for the word "cute"). So, he doesn't mind dressing up in girls clothing nor really sees anything wrong with it.
  • Rhyme has a sister-complex, but it isn't as strong as his sister's brother-complex
  • Rhyme has an ectomorph build, giving him his petite build...

    “I'm Rhyme. Naisu to meetchoo!” he said introduced himself happily.
    “That’s so kyuuuute!” he squealed at the new Px merch. “Want it! Sooo want!!” he said cheerfully before realizing who he was talking to. “Sorry....”
    "Um...." Rhyme hesitated in speaking. "Please stop. You're going to hurt someone and that's not good at all....!!"

Inventory / Savings Account / Piggybank none... for now??

Bigger image here:
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YumiTheDragonGirl May 22, 2013  Student General Artist
Congrats on getting in~ *ttly missed the enrollment* orz

I need to get on it and finish my character. XD;;
darumarchen May 23, 2013   General Artist
YumiTheDragonGirl May 23, 2013  Student General Artist
darumarchen May 31, 2013   General Artist
;-9 Need help?
YumiTheDragonGirl May 31, 2013  Student General Artist
I'll figure it out eventually. XD
darumarchen Jun 3, 2013   General Artist
*A*)9 Osu!
Antares25 May 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Pretty late but- Congrats getting in mang~:iconcoolplz:
darumarchen May 23, 2013   General Artist
Thanks Anta! >w< It's cuz you and everyone helped out in critiquing. Was loads of help and fun
Antares25 May 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Glad you had fun~ 8D
I wasn't much of a help though:iconpapmingplz:
Hope I can rp with your bby one of these days:iconcoolplz:
darumarchen May 31, 2013   General Artist
Pshawww! You helped!!
;-9 And why wait? haha
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